Khalid Hussain Mir, also known as Khaligraphy, is a shining example of what can be achieved through determination and hard work. Born and raised in a lower-middle-class semi-tribal area of Usta Muhammad, Balochistan, Khalid had to overcome several obstacles in his life. Despite suffering from a minor polio attack at the age of 2, which temporarily hindered his ability to walk, Khalid learned to walk and grew up as the fourth of 8 siblings (4 brothers and 4 sisters). 

Khalid's entrepreneurial journey began as a newspaper seller while he was still in high school. This experience sparked a passion for writing in him, and he soon found himself contributing to local and national newspapers and child magazines. 

Khalid was also a dedicated volunteer for numerous organizations, including the United Nations and NCHD, and was awarded with the National Volunteer Award in 2008 and the Icon of Pakistan Award in 2014 for his tireless efforts. In 2009, Khalid co-founded the community organization Social Sangat, which aimed to empower the people of his community. He later attempted to start his first business venture, a local book shop, in his hometown. 

Although this business was not successful, Khalid's entrepreneurial spirit was not deterred, and he moved to Quetta in search of more opportunities. Over the years, Khalid started several ventures in the fields of ecommerce, printing, and logistics, including, JiWaja Logistics, and Peel Technologies. Although not all of his endeavors were successful, freelancing proved to be a lucrative source of income for him. remains a successful venture for him, and Peel Technologies has now become a leading technology company. 

Peel Technologies, which Khalid founded in 2020, has grown into a thriving business and has provided not only Khalid with a good income in dollars and pounds, but has also provided a good standard of living for the 5-person team he has built. Throughout his journey, Khalid has faced challenges and failures, but he has remained determined and has achieved success through smart work, mentorship, guidance, and support from various individuals. 

Inspired by the quote, "Success is not a destination, it's a journey. It's about overcoming obstacles, learning from failures, and never giving up," Khalid has continued to strive for success in his professional and personal life. Khalid believes, "Success is a journey that's meant just for you. Don't follow someone else's definition of success. Instead, create your own path, fueled by your own passion, dreams, and aspirations"